Últimamente he estado leyendo en mis ratos libres. Después de haberme zampado casi 200 artículos, parecería normal que me hubiesen venido ganas de escribir alguno… pero SCP es un wiki con una cultura y comunidad propias y todo un rollazo de normas y estilos y cosas al que me da mucha pereza enfrentarme.

Pero me ha ocurrido algo. Leyendo, se me ha ocurrido un objeto. No es nada brillante, hay cosas más interesantes, pero se me ha aparecido casi completo, mientras leía otro artículo, y desde hace días que me rebota por la cabeza.

Cansado, y con ganas de liberar el espacio mental que me está ocupando, he decidido que escribiría un SCP apócrifo en mi blog, sin preocuparme por el formato. (De hecho, usar “SCP” de esta forma ya se salta las normas de escritura de los artículos…)

Ahi va el SCP-C1 (la segunda “C” es de “Carlo”)

Perdonad mi inglés


Item: SCP-C1

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-C1’s host, SCP-C1-1 (Dr. C█████ █████ ) is to be held at Site-37 within a humanoid containment cell, furnished with whatever items are requested unless said items compromise security. No free use of communication devices is allowed. Subject SCP-C1-1 is permitted to leave the room, wander freely, and eat in the main canteen, always under supervision of one (1) armed level 3 security personnel. Since the approval of the Extraordinary Security Permit 5/11, SCO-C1-1 is expected to conduct its usual scientific routine, limited to SCP objects considered Safe (see “Dr.C█████ █████ approved subjects list” for more information). SCP-C1-1 is to be subjected to weekly physical and psychological evaluations to determine any ill effects of continued exposure to SCP-C1. SCP-C1 is to be locked in a standard 20×20 cm containment box, held suspended by cables as to be positioned in the center of a 30x30cm cell, completely locked at all times, and guarded by two (2) armed security guards. The suspension cables are to be anchored to weight sensitive sensors, and any change in weight distribution is to be considered a containment breach. Entry is forbidden except for conducting experiments. Entry must be done waring a standard SCP-148 alloy equipped headset. Even then, exposure to SCP-C1 can’t exceed 30 minutes.

All subjects intending to enter the containment cell must be restained and taken for psychological examination. Resistance or unauthorized access are grounds for instant termination.

Further experimentation on SCP-C1, though discouraged, must be approved by at least two (2) 05 class personnel.

Description: SCP-C1 appears to be a cheap multicolored curly wig of unknown maker. Its internal side is fitted with a net cap and the exterior is formed by a tightly packed mass of plastic curls of various colors, arranged in lines that go front to back. From left to right, the colors are: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, orange. It creates a physical and psychological dependency on its wearer, with which it can achieve full biological compatibility, but, otherwise, it appears to be harmless, both to its wearer and others.


A picture of SCP-C1

SCP-C1 came to the foundation attention on █-██-████, when personnel at site 19 threw a surprise birthday party for Dr. A███ ██. SCP-C1 was found between the party favors purchased for the occasion, though agent █████ ██████, who was tasked with buying them, claims to have only acquired party hats, party blowers, paper plates and cups and a frozen cake with the custom message “We’re getting old, uh, A███?”. It was in this context when Dr. C█████ █████ came in contact with SCP-C1. Infamoulsy bald since young age, he humorously wore the wig during the party and, when it finished, left it in the main canteen, with an assortment of other discarded party hats, paper dishes and empty bottles.

That night, Dr. C█████ █████ reported experiencing insomnia, anxiety, increased sweating, palpitations, tremor, nausea, and the recurring thought of wearing SCP-C1 on his head again. Recognizing these as abnormal symptoms, he informed his superiors. The main canteen was quickly quarantined.

Under supervision of scientific and security personnel, he was allowed to wear SCP-C1 again the next morning. His symptoms quickly disappeared, and Dr. C█████ █████ reported feeling energyzed and ready for work.

He was placed under observation in a standard interrogation cell, his vitals monitored by a medical team in the adjacent observation room. Two (2) hours passed until Dr. C█████ █████ noticed that the wig had adhered to his scalp.

SCP-C1-1 (Dr.█████ █████) was confined in a standard containment cell with the basic amenities (Chair (1), Table (1), Bed (1), Toilet (1), Toilettries (Assorted), reading material for entertainment purposes) and a double way mirror. SCP-C1-1 was subjected to continuous scrutiny of its physical and mental state, with nothing unusual noted except the progressive assimilation of SCP-C1 by SCP-C1-1’s scalp. Four (4) days later, SCP-C1’s multicoloured hair was completely lifelike. Single follicles could be distinguished, and if one of the hairs was pulled with enough force, it would come off with a natural looking root, only to become a plastic curl again in 4 to 10 minutes.

Subject SCP-C1-1 is to be held in this cell until further notice.

<After extensive testing, SCP-C1 seems to be harmless, and SCP-C1-1 seems to be fit to go back to work. In fact C█████‘s morale is as high as ever, he has trimmed SCP-C1 it into a fashionable shape and seems very happy with having hair again, even if its weirdly colored. I propose he is allowed to go back to his old duties> Dr. H███

<After much consideration, Dr.C█████ █████ will be allowed to do research in site ██, but only on safe SCP objects and under supervision. We are releasing a document detailing all safe SCP objects he will be granted access> -05- █

SCP-C1 has been reclassified as Euclid. After informing SCP-C1-1 of its return to work, even with the diminished clearance level, it seemed extatic. Minutes later, SCP-C1-1 was found dead in the bathroom, for no discernible cause. While SCP-C1-1 recieved medical attention, SCP-C1 detached from his head, and the doctor who was checking his vitals felt the compulsion to wear it, becoming SCP-C1-2. In fact, it was only Dr. L████ █████, with level 3 clearance, the highest in the room, who felt this attaction.

It’s suspected that SCP-C1 is intelligent, capable of some kind of telepathic luring to embed itself into high level personnel to spy the activities of the Foundation.

After termination of SCP-C1-2 and several experiments with D-Class personnel (temporalily granted level four clearance) to determine its area of influence (which seems to be a bubble with a radius of 13m) new containment procedures have been devised and implemented. Further testing on SCP-C1 is discouraged because of the potential intelligence risk it poses. All proposals for further experimentation should be submitted to  the 05 council.