SCPC-4 (SCP Apocripha)

(Perdonad el inglés chapucero, he tenido que escribir esto para sacármelo de la cabeza, pero con la de trabajo que tengo no tengo tiempo de esforzarme en corregirlo… ¡Que, siendo inglés, sería un buen esfuerzo!

En fin, ahí va otro objeto SCP apócrifo)

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Measures: SCPC-4 is to be confined to a standard living quarters on site ██, locked with a low level security lock. It may be supplied with reading or writing material, at its request. Other requests that don’t pose a security threat should be approved by any researcher assigned to its study. SCPC-4 is allowed to eat at Site ██’s cafeteria if escorted by research or security personnel of any rank, but it’s not allowed any social interaction outside of regular small talk. Otherwise, access to SCPC-4 is to be requested one day prior to Dr. ██████.  SCPC-4 is to be kept in an isolated room on Site ██’s medical wing, under guard. No access to SCPC-4 is allowed except for testing, interrogation and healthcare issues. Guards are instructed to shoot to kill if any non authorized individual approaches SCPC-4’s containment room. Any authorized personnel displaying symptoms of the development of excessive simpathy or an emotional attachment to SCPC-4 are to be reassigned to other projects on a different Site.

Description: SCPC-4 is a 30 years old human caucasian male of mixed italian and spanish ancestry. It’s 183 cm tall and at the time of confinement weighted 110Kg. It says it’s a Spanish citizen, from Barcelona, and owns a Spanish National Identification Card that appears to be authentic, but its number is assigned in official records to another individual ( ██████ █████ ███████, living in ██████, Spain) and no record of SCPC-4’s existance or its family (neither the spanish nor the italian side) exists.

SCPC-4 is an aspiring writer, relatively cultured (it says it was nearing the completion of his PHD dissertation before its contact with the Foundation), and his general knowledge of world politics and events is as accurate as can be expected from a regular person of its characteristics. More noticeably, SCPC-4 has ample, if vague, information on various Anomalous objects, the Foundation, the Chaos Insurgency, the Church of the Broken God, Marshall, Carter, and Dark ltd., the Global Occult Coalition and other groups of interest.

SCPC-4 insists it hails from a different reality where anomalous objects and the groups related to them are merely works of fiction, a communal writing project accessed and edited through a Wiki format. As an aspiring writer, SCPC-4 said it was a casual fan of this “SCP Wiki” for some time before it decided to try and write an article for the site, in which it inserted itself as the anomalous specimen. As soon as the article was approved, SCPC-4 found itself inside Site ██, and was quickly apprehended and interrogated by foundation personnel. (For more details, see report “Incident SCPC-4 A”)

If SCPC-4’s explanation is sincere, it’s theorized that a reality where our reality is a work of fiction exists, and in which altering this fiction has a direct effect on our reality. Finding a way to access this alternate reality, and being able to reshape our own,  would be an enormous asset to the Foundation, both in containing anomalous objects as in other strategic pursuits.

Tissue samples from SCPC-4 are being analized, in search of any unusual matter configurations able to clue us in into how this other reality is related to ours and may be accessed.

SCPC-4 is being interviewed regularly by Dr. ███████, for any classified information it may know of other groups of interest. While it itself says it never was a “Hardcore SCP fan” it liked it a lot, and is very cooperative.

As SCPC-4’s matter is completely indistinguishable from the one in our own reality, neither it nor SCPC-4 itself offer any insight on how we may access its parallel reality, and the subject has already related all strategically relevant information about several groups of interest it casually remembers from reading this “SCP Wiki”, its only strategic benefit may be the information it hasn’t recalled yet. The usage on SCPC-4 of enhanced interrogation methods, both regular and anomalous, has been approved. It’s to be interrogated as frequently as its physical health allows (to be derermined by its assigned physician Dr. ████) until no new information can be helped to be recalled.

The Foundation’s Ethics committee suggests that when this point is reached, and if any of its mental function persists, SCPC-4 be administered class A amnesics. -Consideration pending approval.


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